1-2-3 scene packages

Have a scene partner? Split the cost! Editing existing footage

Bespoke headshots


Headshots and showreels are the most important components of an actor's toolkit.

Many casting directors would agree that the best practice is to edit together a 1,5-3 minute reel from your previous work, but sometimes it's not an option,- either because you're just starting out and haven't worked on set before, or you have a few one-liners under your belt but want to showcase more of your acting talent.

Showreel from scratch services are the best way to ensure you have quality material in your acting reel. You are in control of choosing the character you'd like to play, which also helps agents ad CD-s to define your casting type.

At Riverine productions we guide you through the entire process of producing your scenes to make sure you're absolutely happy with your final footage.


some technical stuff

A complete showreel shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes.

One single scene doesn't have to tell a story with a beginning and end, you can jump in the middle to show your best acting. We are aiming for 1 min tops for one scene, this is about 1 - 1,5 pages in a script format.

If you set your mind to film a longer piece, opt for the "Short-style" package, where we dedicate a half day for shooting in a style of a short film. This will allow us to tell a short story with more angles and detail shots, and some small action shots, like the running sequence in our "The Loan" example.
And the best for last: if you have a scene partner in mind, you can simply split the cost!


1 scene

Filming/editing 1 scene

up to 1 min long

2 hours shooting time

1 edit revision

final footage in 2 weeks


2 scenes

Filming/editing 2 scenes


2 hours shooting/scene

1 edit revision

final footage in 2 weeks


3 scenes

Filming/editing 3 scenes


2 hours shooting/scene

1 edit revision

final footage in 2 weeks


short style

Filming/editing 1 scene

up to 3 min long

5 hours shooting

1 edit revision

final footage in 2 weeks




Boost your acting career with
stunning headshots

When you work with your looks, it means everything to have an updated portfolio. A great headshot opens doors and helps you make an impression even before you show up to an audition. This will be your business card in the industry, your winning strategy, a launchpad for your acting career. 


Your headshots need to portray your brand and casting type in the finest way, be dynamic, showing the confident yet approachable traits of yours.

More details on our headshot site:

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Am I responsible for sourcing my location?

Yes. We can provide suggestions, but in the end it will be your responsibility to secure the chosen location.

How important is the noise level at the location?

It's very important. When looking for location, pay attention what you hear: try to avoid construction works, busy roads, even when you are indoor, flats with old windows could let in sounds like building works or a noisy playground close to you.

How big is your crew?

All of our reels are shot and edited by Steffi and Bernadett, operating as a two person crew, bringing all camera,-sound and light eqipment to ensure you'll get a hight quality product. This is how we keep our prices at a reasonable level.

What happens if it's raining?

Unfortunately there's no way we can shoot in rain. It's good to have an option B to shoot indoors, and if you're shooting more than one scene, we'll plan according to the current wether by doing an indoor scene while it's raining. Otherwise there will be option to reschedule if the other options wont work.

Where are you based?

We are based in Central/South London, but generally can travel anywhere whithin London.

Can you share some tips for chosing location?

For indoor scenes, take a look around your flat, or ask a friend if the're willing to let you film there for a few ours. Well lit kitchens, living-rooms, hallways could work perfectly, but if you have something specific in mind, it worth taking a look at Airbnb as well. We are a 2 person crew, which could be a huge advantage in this case.
Once we managed to shoot in an empty Cafe, and all we did we asked...
Fo outdoor scenes, quiet streets far from main roads, smaller parks, woodlands.

Can I have extra edit for my screenpartner?

However we think that's not necessery, as we edit the scenes as you would see in a movie, there is an option for an additional edit focusing on your partner, if you prefer so, at an additional cost of £50.


As a newly established production company we're giving a 50% launch discount on our showreel packages. - Applies on filming dates before 30th of November - Bring your scene and scene partner - Scenes should be no more than 1,5 pages (script format) - Includes a Zoom production meeting prior shooting - 20% deposit to secure your filming date

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