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Male Dancer

work with a choreographer
studio and outdoor locations
edited by a professional dancer


Shadow on Concrete Wall


Whether you’re a trained dancer or an actor/singer who wants to show off their movement skills we uniquely offer you a dance reel that is supervised and edited by our choreographer. Our previous experience as performers made us realise that when it comes to dance reels it is essential to edit the material through the eyes of a choreographer, so that the outcome is not only a well shot reel, but that the quality and the rhythm of the movements are also exceptional.


An outstanding dance reel is short, energetic and shows nothing but your highlights and personality. To get started, it’s best to decide what styles to include. If you are a versatile dancer you might want to include a few shots of all of your styles, or you can narrow it down to the best two or three and show them in more depth.

We always encourage actors and singers who might not feel comfortable with dancing to put their fear aside - by recording a single style with some choreographic help and direction you can enhance your profile and open yourself up to a wide range of auditions, so let your love for dancing guide you and we’ll do the rest of the work! 

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Julia Gyulai

As a dancer, Julia trained at the Hungarian Dance Academy. She worked as a contemporary dancer at the Hungarian State Opera and has appeared as solo dancer for the Andrea Bocelli concert in Budapest.
Her training and professional experience includes contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and Irish dance. Julia completed her MFA in choreography at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2021.
Her credits include Chicago, Hair, Gone With The Wind and Evita.
Julia has been artistic director of her own company, the Coincidance Ballet Theatre for ten
years and her choreographic work toured in Mexico, Israel, Malta, Bosnia & Hercegovina,
Germany, Denmark and Italy. She worked on The North Water (BBC) and the opening gala
of the Wrestling World Championships.


which one is right for you


Show off your best style and get your reel done in just 2 hours. This package will suit you if you are a singer or an actor who can move well and would like to support your applications with a short video of your movement skills, or if you have a specialty act that you would like to add to your profile in a separate video. You can either record a sequence that you prepared or that you know already, or we can focus on your highlights by recording movements that you feel confident showing off – pirouettes, jumps, kicks - a stunning collection of your strongest moments. 


Our most popular package consists of shooting three different styles in both outdoor and studio location. The fee includes a pre-shoot rehearsal with our choreographer who will also be present on set to help you with tips, and to make sure that the result is not only beautiful cinematographically, but also from the dancer’s point of view. In this reel we focus on your highlights – a dynamic montage that shows your personality, your best tricks and a collection of your most characteristic movements.


Many audition briefs ask for storytellers and the industry just loves dancers who can tell their stories through movements. Especially if you are interested in theatre, the storyteller package is the perfect opportunity for you to record a video of a solo piece that shows your personality, your acting through dance skills, the narrative quality of your movements and how you can apply storytelling on to your technique. Our choreographer will create a unique solo for you with rehearsals prior to the shoot. Think of this reel as a short film - apart from showing your technique, it presents you as an actor who tells their story through their movements.


1 style

up to 1,5 min long 

2 hours shooting

1 edit revision


Full works

3 styles

professional choreographer

1h rehearsal prior filming

1 studio, 2 outdoor locations

1 edit revision



Zoom consultation with the choreographer

Narrative dance story

Rehearsal prior filming day

1 edit revision



Additional styles     £80

Makeup Artist       £100

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