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What We Do

Riverine Productions is a London-based film production company dedicated to crafting compelling cinematic experiences through international collaborations. We specialise in creating films that resonate with audiences worldwide. Our mission is to bridge cultures and inspire connections through the art of filmmaking. We strive to produce high-quality films that entertain, educate, and provoke thought while fostering meaningful collaborations across borders. Through our work, we aim to enrich the global cinematic landscape and promote cultural exchange.

Water Ripple

Current  Projects


Short Film



Bernadett Swann

festival circuit

Aufguss sauna ritual


A group of women gather together for a multi-sensory sauna ritual, testing their limits beyond imagination.

man in suit

The Basement

Short Film



 Devon Avery

 post production


A frustrated clerical worker and an over-eager wannabe spy are forced to use faulty spy gadget prototypes to survive a bad day at the office.

King Wray

Live action-animation Feature Film 



Anton&Damian Goves

pre production

smashing guitar

Co-producer partner with Romania, Hungary and France


A crippled cult musician and his estranged son reunite to fake a comeback, but as the son is seduced by the limelight, he realises he must choose between fame or the chance to finally have a father. 

car stuck in mud

The Fall

Feature Film


in development

Co-producer partner with Slovakia


On the verge of financial and professional ruin and with nowhere else to go, an aging actor returns to his childhood country home, now occupied by his hermit sister whom he estranged years ago.

Armed with dreams of a swift return to stardom, he soon realizes he's the only one reading that script.


portrait of Bernadett Swann

Bernadett Swann is a London-based film producer and founder of Riverine Productions. Her background includes producing successful shows in the London theatre scene as well as a wide range of experience in the film industry including short film production and acting experience in internationally distributed films and shows, both in the UK and Europe.

Her close connection to Central and Eastern Europe gives her access to a large talent pool and financing opportunities relevant to international co-productions. With Riverine Productions, Bernadett strives to push artistic boundaries through international collaboration, driven by a desire to showcase diverse creative voices.


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